LACPA letter - Deadline for settling the annual corporate income tax for year 2020

Friday, June 18, 2021 - 12:45

As per Decision 363/1 dated 1 June 2021, and Article 2 of Law number 199 dated 29 December 2020, the deadlines for submitting the yearly income tax declarations and settling the related tax are as follows:

                Year                             Deadline for filing                         Deadline for settlement

                2019                                25 June 2021                                   30 June 2021

                2020                                26 July 2021                                     30 June 2021

Since the deadline for submitting the yearly income tax declaration for year 2020 is ahead of the date of the tax settlement date, taxpayers may proceed with the tax settlement using the pre-printed template S1 (إشعار دفع مسبق – نموذج ص1) prepared manually (النموذج الورقي القديم) in case they did not proceed with the electronic tax filing before 30 June 2021.