Our Community

Sarkis Sakr & Partners is comprised of a team of Certified Public Accountants and other professionals encompassing partners, managers, senior and associates. We understand that in this complex business environment, you need a high level of commitment, service and expertise from your tax consultant. To meet this challenge, our team will work with you on every phase of this process—through tax planning, financial forecasting and constant monitoring of changes in the tax laws and regulations.  

Our team is dedicated to assist startup SMEs by providing them with the sufficient information needed, the training essential for their right kick offs. We develop strategies aimed at particular groups of firms or industries which begin in the field of economic development for less developing industries like agriculture.

One of the most important functions is to minimize our clients’ taxes exposure. We utilize our resources and expertise to provide personalized services with a fee structure that is reasonable. Our Tax Services team devotes substantially all of their time to tax-related services to ensure they maintain their broad and deep understanding of tax law and all its implications; they review new tax legislation, not just when it is enacted, but while it is still in the planning stages. Our dedicated and talented team’s commitment to tax research has provided our clients with significant tax savings and business planning solutions.