What is the difference between a good consultant and a great one? Coming up with strategies and solutions that don’t just address the situation, but actually help resolve it. At Sarkis Sakr & Partners we work with you to go beyond providing compliance and accounting work; we work with management to develop strategies for your organization’s continued improvement and growth. These special services usually relate to matters discovered in the course of other engagements, or they could address specific risks or concerns that management has identified. Our professionals have a breadth and depth of experiences which allows us to understand your organization’s unique areas of concern and then develop solutions tailored to meet those specific concerns.

At any stage of our client’s relationship, if a fundamental issue concerning the client's accounting systems or the Financial statements or the Company’s structure comes to our attention or we are aware of a strong recommendation of a business advisory nature, we should alert the appropriate level of senior management as soon as possible in writing. We cover both operational and transactional activities. We assemble skilled and experienced professionals in multi-disciplinary teams tailored to the needs of individual clients and their circumstances, by:

  • Helping businesses formalize goals and objectives, and develop a well-defined business plan, including related financial and cash flow projections
  • Assisting in the process of recruiting and training accounting personnel across all levels of your organization
  • Performing special studies on organizational structure, procedural matters, operational areas, personnel effectiveness, compensation and revenue, break-even and cost analysis and feasibility
  • Structuring mergers and acquisitions for individuals, corporations and partnerships
  • Providing Business Valuation Consulting services
  • Assisting in bankruptcy or corporate reorganizations

Financial risk is a fact of life in the modern business world. Credit risk, the risks of issuing or dealing in financial instruments and the risks inherent in treasury operations are just some of the financial issues that can threaten business performance. The challenge is compounded by an increasingly demanding and complex regulatory environment. Our practice helps clients optimize their risk portfolios, enhance business performance and transform regulatory compliance into a key value driver. We help organizations transform their financial risk management and compliance practices by working alongside them in:

  • Assessing existing risk management capabilities, including benchmarking performance and procedures
  • Improving financial risk management's contribution to the attainment of strategic and business goals, enhancing shareholder value and reducing capital requirements
  • Developing tools to measure, monitor and report on financial risk issues
  • Conducting compliance health checks to reduce the risk of regulatory breaches, excessive compliance costs and the unnecessary diversion of management resources into compliance matters